Greetings from Pastor Carol–post from Iona

Dear fellow pilgrims,
The grace of the triune God be with you all!
Greetings from the Pilgrim pilgrims!

We have been having days of blessing, giving thanks for God’s gift of the “precious present” as we have journeyed here in Scotland. We began with a day of pilgrimage around Glasgow, led by former Iona Community leader John Harvey. Then, we sojourned on, by train, ferry, bus, and ferry, to the Isle of Iona and the Iona Community, which is an ecumenical Christian community that has had a home base in the Iona Abbey, which is a restored Benedictine abbey from the 1200’s. We have shared days in the abbey, days full of worship, work (all in the community share in the chores), discussion (the theme of the week was “Weaving Community in the City”), meals eaten family style, amazing hikes, a great talent show, a ceillidh (a community dance), and many great connections of the heart and of the world. During the week, we were also graciously invited to be among the worshippers at a service of blessing in the abbey for Patrick and Aidan, who were part of the Abbey community during the week. In fact, two of our Pilgrim group were asked to be readers of scripture in the service.

When we returned to Glasgow, Ruth Harvey (who you may remember as one of the Pilgrim renewers-in-residence a few years ago) met us and took us to tea. It was wonderful to see her and her three young girls again.

There is more to tell, but this needs to be a brief blog from afar, on behalf of the Pilgrim pilgrims. Please know that you have been in our hearts and prayers.
Blessings to you all!
In the grace of God,

Pastor Carol

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