Reflections about Pilgrim from a recent forum speaker


Patti Digh, writer of Life is a Verb came to Pilgrim to talk about her book on Oct. 5.  She keeps a blog at and wrote about us:

up a few hours later for early morning church. Mpls_pastor_carol_and_patti I spoke for an hour at Pilgrim Lutheran Church, hosted by Pastor Carol who is a remarkable woman, with an invitational voice and spirit such as I’ve never seen. It was a privilege to be there with her. If you find yourself in St. Paul, Minnesota, and are wont to attend church, I urge you to seek her out.

Is there any greater joy than a post-Church gathering in the church basement for lunch? I think not. And imagine my surprise when a woman approached me there, saying that her cousin had created a piece of art for the book!

“Who’s your cousin?” I asked.

“Tari June Goerlitz,” she answered. Knock me down. Tari lives in Germany and had sent several pieces of art, including a beautiful little 3-D beaded shrine. “Hold on,” I told the woman, reaching into the small box I had brought with me.

Mpls_tari_cousin As fate would have it, I had brought with me exactly one piece of art from the book to share with people at the readings. Yep. It was the little shrine made by Tari in Germany and now face-to-face with her cousin in a church basement in St Paul, Minnesota. Imagine that.


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