No One is Outside the Love of God – No One


Sunday, January 25, our sermon was given by David R. Weiss.   David is a theologian, writer, poet and hymnist and a member of St. Paul-Reformation Lutheran Church in St. Paul.  He is committed to doing “public theology” around issues of sexuality, justice, diversity, and peace. 

He delivered a terrific sermon, “Jesus is here to recruit you to follow,”   in which he reminded us that God is inclusive, even though God’s children – us – tend to think God is exclusively on our side

As David says, “When Jesus begins his ministry . . . this is the God whose kingdom he announces, whose swirling activity of welcoming presence he declares is at hand. This is the God about whom he poses parables that challenge the world. This is the God for whom he sets a table at which – scandalously – everyone is welcome. This is the God on whose behalf he touches lepers, talks with women, blesses children, speaks to Samaritans, and fellowships with outcasts. In Jesus – and among the community of his followers – the Welcoming God portrayed in the story of Jonah comes fully to life. And as this holy and hopeful Presence moves in Jesus’ life, time and again those around him are surprised by the reach of God into lives [in which] they thought God could never go.”

David’s ministry has been captured in part by his book, To the Tune of a Welcoming God, a collection of poems, essays and hymns he has written.  You can learn more at his website

Reva Rasmussen, Deacon


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