Craig’s Prayer


Another beautiful prayer, written and read in September 2009 by Deacon Craig Eliason

LET US PRAY for the people of God in Christ Jesus, for the whole human family, and for all creation.

GOD OF LOVE, we know the gospel is a hopeful message, but we are mired in fear. Many in our culture seek advantage by stoking our fears of others; help us to see that salvation and peace come not from avoiding or scorning our neighbors, but from being welcoming servants to them.

God of mercy, as the country debates the possibilities of healthcare reform, may we keep in mind the millions of uninsured in our present system.  For them, illness or injury may mean not only physical suffering but also financial ruin for their families.

Give wisdom and clarity to our representatives so that their decisions make for a just system that eases the suffering of the most vulnerable citizens of our nation.  And may a fair and compassionate system for the United States be a step towards greater efforts to rectify the imbalance in access to health care for all the world’s impoverished.

God of grace, we see in the cycles of life and death the mysterious unfolding of your creation.  We ache in the departure of our loved ones whenever it happens, or even when we anticipate it coming soon.  Even as we mournfully seek solace from you, we joyfully thank you for the lives we have by your grace.  And we thank you, too, for the arrivals that accompany the departures–the recent and anticipated births in our communities.

These cycles are of course universal, so we also pray for the people of our sister congregation, Luganga Lutheran Church in Tanzania.  Temper their sadness and amplify their joy as they experience the death and birth that is part of your plan.

God of healing, we pray for those hurt by violence or damaged by abuse.  We pray for those who suffer in circumstances that are out of their control, and for those who suffer because of decisions they have made. 

Lord in your mercy, hear our prayers.



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