A poem: Christpower


This poem is written by John Shelby Spong and published in his book, Jesus for the Nonreligious


Look at him!

Look not at his divinity,

but look rather, at his freedom.

Look not at the exaggerated tales of his power,

but look, rather, at his infinite capacity to give himself away.

Look not at the first-century mythology that surrounds him,

but look, rather, at his courage to be,

his ability to live, and

the contagious quality of his love.

Stop your frantic search!

Be still and know that this is God:

this love,

this freedom,

this life, this being;


when you are accepted, accept yourself;

when you are forgiven, forgive yourself;

when you are loved, love yourself.

Grasp that Christpower

and dare to be



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