This message has gone out to Pilgrim’s Sunday evening community from Pastor Carol Tomer:
Dear Pilgrim friends,

We are on the cusp of our last Celtic (Sunday, April 10) contemplative evening services of the 2010-2011 season.   I hope to see you in these coming days. I also want to lift up to you some of our Holy Week and other special gatherings coming up at Pilgrim.  Those highlights are listed at the end of this message. Please note that our Good Friday evening service will be contemplative in nature, as we weave together the stations of the cross, Earth Day, and the death of Jesus.

In the worship bulletins for the last Celtic service of the year, we will debut the overall theme and individual themes for the Celtic and Nordic services next year.  We are excited for this next year.  We thank you for your expressions of gratitude and for your financial support of these contemplative services.  Both forms of your support are crucial in order for us to continue to offer these services.  I want you to know that it is possible to give your financial support on-line at any time, at

I will be going on sabbatical beginning in May and during that time, Pilgrim will welcome several “Renewers-in-Residence,” who will share their gifts with the Pilgrim community in a variety of ways.   (One of them is Pastor Bonnie Nash, who writes those incredible prayers for the Nordic contemplative services.) The overview of the shape and schedule of their sojourn will be available in these last two evening worship bulletins of the year and in other Pilgrim publications.

God’s blessings of Lent and spring (which was the original meaning of “Lent”) be with you.

Pastor Carol Tomer


April 17, 8:30 & 11 am worship — Palm Sunday/Sunday of the Passion — ELW Liturgy of Holy Communion, St. Olaf College Brass Quintet, Senior Choir, we begin behind the church with an outdoor procession of palms (children are invited to bring musical instruments or noisemakers for the procession), reception of new members, congregational reading of the passion story from Matthew’s Gospel

April 21, 7 pm worship — Maundy Thursday — Liturgy of Holy Communion, first communion for 2nd graders, Junior Choir, stripping of the altar, Pastor Harry Mueller preaching

April 22, 7 pm worship — Good Friday — A Contemplative Service of Music and Meditation, including the Stations of the Cross and observance of Earth Day; Senior Choir

April 24 — The Resurrection of our Lord — Festival Service of Holy Communion with trumpets, Pastor Carol Tomer preaching

8:30 AM – Easter “Sunrise Light” service (the drama of an Easter sunrise service without the early dawn darkness) — we begin outside on the church lawn on Prior, if the weather permits; Senior Choir

11:00 AM – Easter Day Festival Worship, Senior Choir, Junior Choir, Cherub Choir

May 1 — Second Sunday of Easter — Festival of Hungry Minds and Souls (on Doubting Thomas Sunday), baptism of Henry and Isabelle Bruecken (11 am), sabbatical sending ritual, Pastor Carol Tomer preaching


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