A message from Pilgrim’s Co-Presidents


The following message was sent to Pilgrim members by Co-Presidents Kurt Schultz and Natalie Hokanson on June 2nd

Dear Fellow Pilgrims –

It is with sadness and thanksgiving that we share with you the news that Ralph Johnson has accepted a position with another church and will resign his position with Pilgrim effective July 31.  With Pastor Carol on sabbatical, it is our responsibility as your new Co-Presidents to share this information with you.  Ralph has blessed Pilgrim for the past five years as Music Director and Choir Director and all who have worshiped here have received the gifts of his many talents.

We will give thanks for Ralph’s service, celebrate our time together, and wish Ralph and Laurie Godspeed on Sunday, June 26 during service and coffee hour.

Please see Ralph’s letter of resignation below.

Kurt Schultz & Natalie Hokanson

May 31, 2011

Dear Pastor Carol, Vestry, and Fellow Pilgrims:

I am writing to let you know that I have been offered—and have accepted—a new position as music director and choir director at Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd in southwest Minneapolis, and that I will therefore be resigning from my position at Pilgrim effective July 31. The position is half-time (as is my position here), and I plan to continue filling the other half with work as a composer as well as other related activities. Although Laurie and I are sad to leave this community, with all the remarkable people and wonderful friendships we have found here, we have a strong sense of the Holy Spirit leading us in this new direction.

My 5 years here at Pilgrim have been years of growth, discovery and blessing for me, and I am grateful to all of you for sharing your time, talent, energy and love as we have journeyed together during this time. Special thanks to Pastor Carol for her vision and creativity; to Larry Wilson for our delightful musical partnership; to Pastor Harry and Pilgrim’s wonderful staff (Cathy, Chuck, Karin, Serena, Dan and Blake), who work diligently and with patient good-will to keep our ministry going, day-by-day; to the many members of the Vestry who serve so faithfully year after year; and to the whole congregation for your ongoing support and appreciation of Pilgrim’s music ministry. I am especially grateful to the Senior and Junior Choirs, who have worked so hard—and with such great grace and humor—to lead all Pilgrims in worship and song during my time here, and well before.

Laurie and I take our leave of Pilgrim with hearts full of love and gratitude for the friendship,
support and just plain fun we have been blessed to share with you. It has been a pleasure and privilege to have served God in partnership with you all.

Thanks be to God for all of you. We will pray for you. Please pray for us.

Yours in Christ,

Ralph M. Johnson, Music Director and Choir Director


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