From “Coach Craig” – Pilgrim Softball Season Wrap-up


Good morning everyone, and thanks to those who came to the game last night.  Between all 4 churches, we almost had enough people to field 2 full teams!  Hopefully this widespread attendance problem was a one-year thing and next year we will have a roster overflowing with eager ballplayers!  It was a fun year nevertheless, and I hope that everyone who participated on any level had a good time; that’s what is was supposed to be!

Special thanks to Will Goldman and Eric Smith, who I believe share the “closest-to-perfect-attendance” award this year.  Will probably won the Carol J. Tomer “closest-to-an-injury” award this year, too, for his line drive off the knee last night.  He’s totally fine, though, and cheerfully related the story to his mom and cousins last night.  Erica Kragerud-Smith gets the award for “most-times-coming-to-the-games-without-actually-playing,” but I’m told that next year she will be back with a vengeance.  Pastor Carol, Kelli Goldman, and Emi Eliason shared the “I-only-played-once-this-year” award, but I think (and hope) that Emi and Pastor Carol will both be back next year.  I have some pretty reliable inside information, though, that Kelli may never set foot on a softball field again.   Feel free to add any other awards you can think of; everyone should get a trophy in this league!

Lastly, I want to thank all of you for putting up with all my e-mails and pestering you to play each week.  Playing on this team for 3 years now has allowed me to get to know you better than I otherwise would have, and I am grateful for that.  Each of you is truly a wonderful person and I am fortunate to call you all my friends.  Coach Craig is now signing off for 9 months or so, soon to be replaced by Sunday School Teacher Craig.  I hope he doesn’t send out as many e-mails . . ..  Be sure and keep up your off-season cardio and weight-training regimens, and I’ll see you next year in Spring Training!  Coach Craig.


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