About Spiritual Direction – from Pastor Diane Hooge, Pilgrim Lutheran Renewer-in-Residence


One of the joys of serving Pilgrim Lutheran over this summer, as one of the Renewers-in-Residence, is that it opened the door for me to explore opportunities to “hold the space” for people to do their own spiritual work.  I so appreciated having the time and space to set up a half-day retreat, and I appreciated the response of those who chose to explore Spiritual Direction work. I feel called to listen to others who are seeking to be more intentional in exploring their inner lives.   It’s out of having a listening presence that one often is enabled to discern the movement of God’s Spirit within their life.   Based on this summer’s experience, I’ve been asked if I would consider continuing the work.  After meeting with Pastor Carol, we agreed that this spiritual practice is important to continue to be made available to the Pilgrim community. I will charge the same amount as Pilgrim was paying during the sabbatical which was $50.00 a session.  I will continue the process set this summer which was to schedule appointments at Pilgrim.  You may contact me at 615-330-8111 or d.hooge@comcast.net.


One Response to “About Spiritual Direction – from Pastor Diane Hooge, Pilgrim Lutheran Renewer-in-Residence”


    The Lord bless you servant of God.
    What apreviladge God has granted us His servant to interact and pull our abilities and resources to build up His body (Ephesians 4:) .Your ministry has been such a blessing to my life and I really desire that we come to know one another more intimately.
    Am Pastor David of Crown Gospel Ministry
    May God bless you

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