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A church “blog” is an experiment. However, it is only the most current version of the oldest method of keeping members of far-flung churches in touch with each other–the letter.

The apostle Paul used letters to keep all the churches he helped found or nurture in touch with each other. He used letters to pose and answer questions, support church members, give guidance, and, above all, show that all the churches were united in the same common cause.

Through history, the church has used various means of communication–letters, books, newspapers, films, television, and now, the internet, to link communities of believers together to accomplish the same thing Paul wanted to accomplish–support believers, no matter where they were.

Of all the denominations, the Lutheran Church should be expected to be in the forefront of this kind of innovation. After all, it is highly unlikely that Martin Luther would have been as successful as he was, if he had not had Gutenberg’s printing press to produce and disseminate his many writings.

So, once again, welcome! Come back again, as we add more content. Let us know what you’d like to see.

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